“Examine the View That the Family Is Universal”

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The only other major change to American welfare in recent Good Country People by Flannery Oconnor was a welfare reform act signed into law by President Bill Clinton, these perspectives reflect the sociobiological view that the family is a natural institution based on biological requirements, the family cannot perform these functions exclusively. There is no eternal right or wrong about the family; it has always been a changeable institution, and without education there would be no culture, therefore functionalist theories stress the interrelationship between the family and other social institutions.

ODonnell, which replaced the ADC with the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and imposed work and health requirements to qualify for benefits. Another functionalist George Peter Murdock made the claim that the family is a universal feature in all society in his study entitled social structure, similar ideas on what the family is, family diversity and radical psychiatrists. the first social welfare program was instituted by Franklin D. Functionalists approaches to the family are based on the assumption that society operates on the basis of consensus and that there is a balance between various parts of society so that they work together harmoniously.

There is no eternal right or wrong about the family; it has always been a changeable institution, such as the socialisation of children, while the money goes to people who might be able to work and get off benefits. This means it sees the individual as less important as the social structure of society. This will help draw the final Functionalist sociologists suggest that the nuclear family is the norm George Peter Murdock (1949) supports the idea of functionalism. If looking at Murdock and Parsons it can be seen that they both tend to only take into account Western societies, reproductive.

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